Welcome to the newest wing of our studio, Smokestack Presentation! We can take your finished artwork and pair it with the final touches needed for the finest presentation and lasting preservation.

Our in-house mounting and framing services offer a tremendous advantage to artists we work with. It allows for the finishing to be part of the production process and skips the need to jump from one place, to another, to another, with your delicate artwork.

We are fully prepared to see the production of your work seamlessly through our Analog & Digital studios, while carrying that same attention to detail and quality into our top end mounting and framing facilities.



To top it off, we have partnered with our good friends at Superframe to build a full framing showroom inside of Smokestack to deliver custom framing made with the highest degree of quality and precision. Built with the finest materials and attention to detail,  Superframe frames carefully weave together timeless craftsmanship, longevity, and a contemporary twist on great framing!



  • In-house Mounting

    Smokestack-Presentation Duplexing Material

    At Smokestack we are equipped to handle a variety of mounting needs to a maximum width of 63" wide and as long as the substrate will allow. Large or small, we can offer a full suite of supports that are suitable for your exhibition and preservation needs. Our materials focus attention and care towards the longevity and stability of artwork.

    Seamless integration with our print production services offer the benefit of moving from print to finish without ever leaving the studio.

    We regularly stock a wide range of mounting substrate's including our most popular Bainbridge Artcare Archival Foam, Aluminium Composite , and Komatex to name a few.

  • Custom Framing

    Superframe - Custom Milled Wood Frames

    We offer only the finest frames and framing materials. Produced by Superframe, custom milled hardwood mouldings offer profiles and finishes in a wide range of woods, stains, and lacquers. We stock our most popular profiles in quantity to be able to custom finish them without delay. We can also design, mill, and finish any custom profile with notice. Our most commonly used woods are hard maple, rift cut oak, ash, walnut and cherry but are able to source any other wood on request.

    This is paired with conservation grade materials throughout the framing assembly to ensure the longevity & stability of the artwork.

For all mounting and framing inquiries get in touch with us at: