Smokestack Analog specializes in collaborative printmaking & limited editions.  We are set up for work in etching, intaglio, screen-print, relief, and mono-print projects.

Projects can also be expanded to take full advantage of the wide range of  digital tools right in-house in our Digital Studio.

Each project is uniquely different and demands the time and care to make it so.  We are equipped to work directly with artists through the entire process to produce projects that fall outside of commercial printing applications.

If you have an idea … let’s make it happen!

  • Collaborative Printing & Editions

    We specialize in running limited edition prints for artists at Smokestack. Artists work hand in hand with us to create and print their work, ensuring runs that are consistent, finite, and well documented. At our shop it's all about one-on-one projects and access to a dedicated space to create!

  • Hand Printing

    At Smokestack Analog all prints are hand produced and run one-by-one. This embraces the tradition of traditional printmaking and creates impressions that are unique and original works of art each and every time.

  • Superior Materials

    Japanese Gampi Tissue Paper

    We work with the finest papers and inks available at Smokestack. It's important for us to create great work using the best ingredients possible!

Analog print projects are organized directly through Laine Groeneweg and are quoted on a per project basis. For all inquiries about analog print projects please contact Laine.

Laine Groeneweg